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Starting a dating agency appealed to her, as she was interested in human behaviour and, over the years, had completed a spiritual development course, become a reiki master, and studied holistic psychotherapy, counselling, neuro-linguistic programming and hypnosis. She had also badly damaged her ankle while rollerblading and spent three months in hospital, which gave her lots of time to think about the direction she wanted her life to take. While in hospital, she read an article about a woman who started a dating agency, which inspired her to join Who's Who.

Things moved quickly for Jennifer and Bill once they met. After six months, Bill got down on one knee outside Bleinheim Palace in England, and asked her to move in with him. They have no plans to get married, as they are very happy as they are.

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They set up Two's Company four-and-a half years ago, as they felt they could put the dating experience they had gained themselves to good use. They also realised that many people found meeting others through the social scene or the Internet to be a minefield. The business was slow to take off, but has now built up to a thriving agency, and they believe it is very important to run it honourably and ethically. They cover the 32 counties and spend up to two hours with each potential client, and are always honest about whether they feel they can match someone within their agency.

They are discerning and keep a strict They don't believe in wasting people's time, operate a strict policy of confidentiality and discretion, and have clients on their books ranging in age from 28 to Last Christmas alone, they celebrated six engagements from matches that they had made, plus another one in February, and they say it's the personal touch that makes the difference. Describing themselves as head-hunters for the heart, they get to know their clients, and take great pride in being able to look after them to the best of their abilities.

We're not so much a dating agency as 'a possibility of a long-term relationship' agency. January may call to mind shuddering thoughts of gym gear and Lycra, but it's not all doom and gloom: What will our wardrobes hold in ? Prince William and his wife Justin Bieber showed his serious side as he spoke to Blake Lively has revealed that she and husband Ryan Peter Capaldi has revealed he chose his new Doctor Who Kristen Stewart has revealed that she doesn't smile for Beyonce has thanked her fans as she and husband Jay Z Morrissey claims he has been snubbed by TV stations Nick Hewer has revealed his designer wristwatch has Jennifer Haskins and Bill Phelan found romance and now help others through their dating agency.

The two met through mutual friends. Andrea Smith Twitter April 7 2: Jennifer and Bill, head-hunters for the heart. Breaking News National World Sport Nine key trends for the year ahead January may call to mind shuddering thoughts of gym gear and Lycra, but it's not all doom and gloom: It'll be such a surprise for many of our friends and I'm dying to see the expressions on their faces when they hear.

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Mad busy with work and all the arrangements but just wanted to thank you for all your help, support and encouragement". Wonderful to tell you that we are so happy you introduced us. We often refer to you both as our mutual friends and we have referred a number of our "lonely" friends to you. We have both found our soul mate and have had a wonderful 10 months together.

We look to the future now and to many years as good as the past one. We are getting on great and are both very happy with the end result. You will definitely get some recommendations from us, and more than likely an occasion to buy a new hat!! Two's Company, I was in a rut for so long and was getting far too content on my own. Yes, I had my kids but no adult companionship. Two's Company helped me get out and meet people , got me involved in a social life again.

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The fact that I met people in an organised situation definitely helped. I found my confidence levels really improved, and it didn't take long before I met someone really nice. It did take time as neither of us wanted to jump headlong into anything too fast but we're getting along really well, and who knows what the future holds. We would like to thank you for all your efforts on our behalf, you really took time to help support and advise us through the process.

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We are so glad that our process worked for you. I was delighted to hear from you today as it's been some time now since we were in touch.

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I'm very happy to give you a testimonial and I have recommended your company many times. You chose a great match for me and my little girl.

Since my divorce 5 years ago, I've found it really hard to meet guys that I can trust as this has been a major issue in my life. We were just talking about you two and decided we should let you know that we are delighted we contacted you approximately a year ago now. I was so nervous about joining I didn't think I would enjoy it at all.

I had tried online dating as you know and I have to say I was fed up with the dating scene in general. It's very difficult to maintain privacy in every facet of my life and this was the main reason I approached Twos Company. We both work in high profile careers and therefore discretion is very important to us.

Bondings: Jennifer and Bill, head-hunters for the heart

At my initial meeting with Jennifer from Two's company I was really impressed with the time she took to get to know me. I was in a rut for so long and was getting far too content on my own. Two's Company helped me get out and meet people, got me involved in a social life again. I know you were looking for a testimonial but I'm a man of few words so.. Best money I ever spent I think that says it all!!

I guess it's more difficult for guys to do this If I was to be totally honest and give you an honest testimoniaI, then I would have to admit that it was a whole lot better than I expected.

I don't entirely know what I did expect but I just made a decision just to do something, and this seemed the best option at the time. If you hadn't persisted, then I probably would have just left it. To sum it up then Well done, thanks for everything.

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  6. That's so great to hear Gerry. We hope it all goes well for you. I found it very difficult to make the decision, I think it's difficult for men to take this step Anyway, here we are a year later and things are going along just great. Hope all's going well for the business and thanks again for everything" Paul All is great with us Paul. Glad to hear that all is going so well for you also. I met four guys before I met Richard on the 15th of November last year and we saw each other every weekend until Richard bought a house and we moved in with each other on the 15th of August, exactly 9 months after meeting each other.

    Everything is going great we get on like a house on fire AND plan to celebrate our anniversary of meeting each other by going away for a weekend. Now all I am waiting for is for Richard to pop the question. We're planning to have the wedding in July next year and we can't thank you enough for all your help. Its very exciting and we're really happy together. All the best, have a lovely Christmas. He is good company. This is my fourth introduction. All lovely people, well done Twos Company. Will keep in touch". I chose Twos Company as I was not familiar with or comfortable with the idea of internet dating and not being exactly a spring chicken either , at 57 years of age!

    I met a number of very nice ladies through Twos Company, but did not find the chemistry I was looking for! What is not to like! We have been together almost 10 months now and the relationship is going from strength to strength! We are both very happy together, and I can only thank Twos Company for bringing us together. I have no doubt that due to the very different lives we lead that I would have never met her Brid any other way and I am just glad I did.

    Many thanks and continued success. It is no small achievement to make two people happy and turn their lives around! Just wanted to share this with you. Thank you for looking after Jim and myself so well. We met each other on our 3rd introduction each. I felt so safe in your hands and all 3 introductions were with lovely gentlemen. Although only a little over 2 months together, we've met each other's families and are heading off tomorrow for a short holiday in Westport.

    We are a "match", and very happy! So a big appreciation to you Jennifer and your team.

    follow Wishing you warmest best wishes. I joined twos company in very nervous at meeting someone. First person I met we didn't click. It's a hard thing to do to look for help but well worth it.