Woman suing dating site

In her legal action, Burki sought the return of her membership fee and damages for distress.

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The agency counter-sued her for libel and malicious falsehood in connection with two online reviews she wrote. Had Thomas explained to Burki that the database included active members, former members who still wished to be matched, and people who had been headhunted and had agreed to be put on the database in the hope of finding a suitable partner, she would have had little cause for complaint, Parkes said.

Therefore, her remarks about us being a non-reputable and fraudulent company were deemed untrue and entirely without foundation.

Relationships Online dating news. This case is about a woman looking for romantic happiness who says she was tricked into shopping in the wrong place, paying a large sum to a dating which, she says, made promises but failed to produce the goods.

http://kick-cocoa.info/components/kikibevys/jyvu-programma-spia.php The court was told Tereza signed up for the dating agency in looking for a wealthy man with "a lifestyle similar or more affluent than her own". The mum-of-three also wanted her new boyfriend to have "multiple residences" and be willing to provide her with another child.

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Tereza, who lives in plush Lennox Gardens, Chelsea, said she "felt very let down and disappointed" that the agency's claims were "untrue". Giving evidence, she said: Seventy Thirty Ltd said: Burki entered into membership with the wrong assumption about the number of potential gentlemen we would introduce her to. We are not going to have thousands of members because there simply aren't thousands of single, wealthy, high-calibre prospects out there.

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