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Modernism was a major movement in the arts, but it took a long time to build up these ideas. In this lesson, we'll see how the Eastlake style of furniture helped get the ball rolling. Eastlake Furniture The modern world didn't just appear overnight. History of the Eastlake Style With a name like ''Eastlake'', you've probably guessed that this style is named after either a person or a place. Cabinet by the New York-based Herter brothers, whose designs were strongly influenced by the ideas of Charles Eastlake, as seen in this rectilinear, simple adorned piece Charles Eastlake's ideas were closely connected to the Arts and Crafts movement of the time, which rejected the increasingly mechanized process of architecture and design in favor of handmade and artisanal products.

Defining Characteristics When we talk about Eastlake furniture, we may look at a variety of objects, ranging from the handmade products that most directly mirrored Eastlake's vision to the machine-turned and produced variations. Try it risk-free No obligation, cancel anytime. Want to learn more? Select a subject to preview related courses: Influence and Importance So, why does this matter?

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History of the Eastlake Style

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The wheels have been changes to modern style casters. First chair has tear in fabric on the front and a scratch below the area.

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The wooden leg appears to have been cracked and repaired. The front leg has a little piece missing in the wood where the caste VERY good condition for age.

Eastlake Movement

See pictures for reference. One price takes all 5. Caning is in good condition and wood also. Original upholstery was red velvet Topped with grey marble, this is a solid, sturdy table. Made of solid walnut it has nice incised carvings typical of the period. Having one drawer makes this a nice piece to use as a small writing des Left seat-back cushion needs a new strip of wood to anchor it this is not a visible component.

Decorative top rail needs to be reattached. These chairs are in great condition, please don't miss these lovely jewels that will add to any antique decor.

45 best Eastlake Furniture images on Pinterest | Antique furniture, Vintage furniture and Drawers

Made of solid walnut with gold and ebony highlights, this is a stunning chair. They are the sideboard and the worktable. Expect to find a little more comfort in chairs and sofas, but not very thick cushions or seats. When a piece of furniture is made in England, or styled after an English example, it may be known as Hepplewhite. The time frame is the same. Robert Adam is credited with creating the style known as Hepplewhite during the s and leading the form.

Another English book heavily influenced the designers of the day. The style known as Sheraton closely resembles Federal. The lines are somewhat straighter and the designs plainer than Federal. Sheraton pieces are more closely associated with rural cabinetmakers. Woods would include mahogany, mahogany veneer, maple and pine, as well as other native woods.

Empire Classical , By the beginning of the 19th century, a new design style was emerging.

Eastlake Furniture: History & Style

Known as Empire, it had an emphasis on the classical world of Greece, Egypt and other ancient European influences. The American craftsmen began to incorporate more flowing patriotic motifs, such as eagles with spread wings. The basic wood used in the Empire period was mahogany. However, during this period, dark woods were so favored that often mahogany was painted black. Inlays were popular when made of ebony or maple veneer. The dark woods offset gilt highlights, as were the brass ormolu mountings often found in this period.

The legs of this period are substantial and more flowing than those found in the Federal or Sheraton periods. Regional differences in this style are very apparent, with New York City being the center of the design style, as it was also the center of fashion at the time. This valuable furniture guide can be purchased at krausebooks. New furniture forms of this period include the sleigh bed, with the headboard and footboard forming a graceful arch. Several new forms of tables also came into being, especially the sofa table. Because the architectural style of the Empire period used big, open rooms, the sofa was now allowed to be in the center of the room, with a table behind it. Former architectural periods found most furniture placed against the outside perimeter of the walls and brought forward to be used.

The Victorian period as it relates to furniture styles can be divided into several distinct styles. Her love of ornate styles is well known. When thinking of the general term, think of a cluttered environment, full of heavy furniture, and surrounded by plants, heavy fabrics and lots of china and glassware.

This is the first sub-category of the Victoria era. This style is best simplified as the plainest of the Victorian styles. Lines tend to be sweeping, undulating curves.

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It is named for the style that was popular in France as the Bourbons tried to restore their claim to the French throne, from to The Empire Classical period influence is felt, but French Restoration lacks some of the ornamentation and fussiness of that period. Design motifs continue to reflect an interest in the classics of Greece and Egypt. Chair backs are styled with curved and concave crest rails, making them a little more comfortable than earlier straight-back chairs. The use of bolster pillows and more upholstery is starting to emerge. The style was only popular in clusters, but did entice makers from larger metropolitan areas, such as Boston and New Orleans, to embrace the style.

The Gothic Revival, This is relatively easy to identify for collectors.