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You two can stand next to each other as those Progresso cans come barreling down the assembly line all I Love Lucy candy factory-style. Follow her lead and try on some sweet pimpin' suits as you stroll through Santee Alley in the middle of the Fashion District. On a weekend morning, you'll be transported to another place and time. So put on your own fashion show, get some bacon-wrapped hot dogs and churros from a street vendor, and share a real LA moment together. Here's the thing about spoken word, stand up, or improv as a date idea: But there's something different about Da Poetry Lounge's monthly Slam.

It's actually exciting, energizing and is sure to amass talking points for some meaningful conversation afterward.

The Best Bar for a First Date in Each of 10 L.A. Neighborhoods

The Slam happens the third Tuesday of every month, but if you don't want to wait, there are also weekly open mics. It turns out there's been a group of archers in Pasadena who have been perfecting their craft since , and they offer free Saturday morning lessons to first-time students. Wearing your favorite Lenny Kravitz-designed dress is optional, but strongly encouraged. You'll win major points for this one.

The Labyrinth is free, but you need to reserve tix ahead of time via their website. Sharing a meal together is a beautiful thing. Ditto with a proper brunch. An old school breakfast joint. Here are some good options all over town:. The idea of spending an afternoon roaming endless halls, pretending to be interested in 12th century sporks and butter churners sounds like the complete opposite of a good time. The most engaging part of The Getty is their garden and architecture tours , which are open all day Tuesday through Sunday. You may have a great hike in mind that winds through the Santa Monica Mountains with sweeping ocean views and a waterfall at its peak, but here's the thing: However, nature is kinda romantic and always good to get a dose in.

So, no to the hike. Yes to a garden walk. It doesn't get any more simple and charming than this. Pick up a bottle of halfway decent prosecco, some OJ and head to the beach on a weekend morning. Lay down a blanket by the water, and enjoy an intimate morning together.

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Playa del Rey has a huge beach, ample free parking on weekend mornings, and pretty clean public bathrooms, but any old beach will do. Have a wind plan. You never know when the beach is gonna be crazy windy, and there's nothing that will make her hate you more than a mouthful of sand. One of the keys to a successful and unique date is to take a standard idea and twist it to make it your own. Any given night at the Griffith Park, there will be a hundred couples on dates, but you'll be the only ones spread out on the front lawn with an after-dark picnic.

Technically, you can't drink there, but no one should bother you. Remember when weekends were about arcades, bowling alleys, drive-in theaters, and Members Only jackets? Of course you don't, because you're not Jeff Spicoli and you didn't go to Ridgemont High.

1. Cuddle under the stars while watching a movie at the Rooftop Cinema Club.

But this is date night, and it turns out that you're lucky enough to live in pretty much the most culturally diverse metro area on the planet. So spend a day or night in a new land, eat some foreign food, stop in a few shops, and maybe pick up a postcard you can mail to her later on to remind her of your daycation. You might even have a few extra bucks for horchata and tacos. Yes there are hundreds of hikes in greater Los Angeles, but opt for one with some backstory behind it—like the Shipwreck Hike , or the Bridge to Nowhere.

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Maybe you have kids. Either way, reading to some new ones together on a Saturday morning is about the most heart-warming way to start a weekend. You'll leave feeling great about yourselves, and each other.

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  8. Maintaining a sense of adventure is one of the keys to any lasting relationship. To that end, don't make a plan today. Exit whenever you feel like it, walk around a fascinating neighborhood or attraction that falls under the radar like The Banning Museum take the or Petersen Automotive Museum take the and pop into a local place for some food who knows, maybe that Chipotle burrito bowl tastes better in Gardena than it does in Culver City. A few diverse routes to consider: Go Fly a Kite. Like kickball, coloring books and positive affirmation, kite flying ain't just for kids.

    20 Date Ideas for $20 in Los Angeles

    Maybe you haven't flown a kite since you were six, and maybe you sucked at it then … and maybe you'll be even worse now. Either way, you're in it together. So have a blast. You may think polo is for a bunch of Ralph Lauren-wearing, prep school turds with first names like Hamilton or Niles. Turns out that's not the case at Will Rogers Polo Club, which has free matches every weekend from late April through early October. It's family friendly, free and open to the public. There's no shade, so bring hats and sunscreen.

    Projects are more fun together, and teamwork makes the dream work. Create custom mugs for each other.

    16 Amazing Places You Have To Eat At In Los Angeles

    All you need are two ceramic mugs, some Sharpies, maybe stencils and an oven. Your morning Irish Coffees will taste so much sweeter knowing those mugs were made with love. Go ahead and be that so-cute-you-make-others-puke couple who handpaints Christmas cards together. Don't blame him for being resourceful, this is LA and he's a writer for crying out loud.

    Follow his baller budget moves on Instagram brianjayroth. LA Weekend Guide January 17 - Los Feliz Los Angeles: Coffee Run - Los Angeles. Los Angeles has a wealth of arts and culture, from historic architecture to cutting-edge galleries. Your date won't go hungry with these delicious cheap date ideas.

    13 Outdoor Dates In Los Angeles

    Dinner and a movie may be a classic date idea, but some of the most memorable dates in Los Angeles happen in the great outdoors. Bring your date under the sun or stars with one of these original yet simple date ideas for outdoors. With so many unique things to do in LA, an inexpensive date can become a memorable adventure. There's no shortage of entertainment in Los Angeles. From laugh-out-loud improv comedy to intimate singer-songwriter showcases, the endless entertainment in Los Angeles can't be beat.