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For the price a decent HD tv is these days, Just by an el cheapo brand one.


I'm also held off from buying an Ouya by this one issue. And then there's the fact light gun games won't work on HD at all Anyhow, I'd like to fit the Ouya somewhere between my PS2 and my Atari, but I don't wanna ruin the way my old games look in order to do it. To me this also seems like a great console for kids starting out on games or less fortunate gamers, and the system completely alienates them not being able do anything but p My 32 incher is upwards pounds.

You might be able to find one on Craigslist or in a Goodwill for between I got mine for 35 and absolutely love it. Component can handle p but you will need a signal converter box to plug your Ouya to such a connector.

July 10: OUYA Launches

The widescreen bars, I can definitely live with. I don't know if this helps, but I have a Raspberry Pi The only problem is, it requires me setting a certain non-default setting in the Raspberry Pi config. I don't know if the OUYA would display using this adapter or if it supports this feature.

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The adapter box has a "headphone" output jack that I hooked up to speakers. Besides this issue it works great. Completely off topic, but do you think the Rasberry Pi is worth it?

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I'm looking for insight before I pay: These and see how well it works. It'd be kind of nice if it works. They connected just fine but there was some serious lag and when i tried to run a game Organ Trail The audio did not want to play properly.

Developer Notes

Turned it off and it ran without issues. Dang, hopefully something that can get ironed out as I'd love to sit back and play with those on. Thanks for the report! Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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The OUYA may be a meme, but it sure can game

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