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Naval Assets by Country. Army's history of the Purple Heart: Any enemy inflicted wound, whether or not there is observable blood loss, merits the Purple Heart. Invisible brain injury caused by an enemy-inflicted concussion or blow, such as an IED explosin, that renders the serviceperson even temporarily incapacitated is a wound even though brain trauma is not is not immediately visible to the eye.

Battlefield medics can, however, conduct a simple eye exam using a flashlight to determine optical pupil dialation response. A person who accidentally shoots himself or is shot by a unit member while cleaning a weapon in a war zone can receive the PH. Accidental shootings that do not involve an engagement with an enemy are workplace accidents.

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Commanders officer or enlisted that are wounded or injured by subordinates or superiors whether or not military weapons are used in incidents commonly referred to as "fragging" are eligible for the PH. They are neither enemy nor friendly fire related even if the motivation for the 'fragging' was due to a real-time or previous enemy-related situation. Any non-bleeding enemy inflicted or friendly fire wound or injury, such as electrical, gas, concussion, suffocation, etc.

Details of the Purple Heart service medal of the United States military.

The majority of but not necessarily all combat deaths are automatically awarded the PH. The Military Records Center can only issue authorization for awards that were negligently not recorded on the Report of Separation, or those awards "automatically" authorized by 'class-action' to a specified classification of personnel via Executive Order such as the National Defense Service Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Medal s , etc.

Only in specific cases of a previously rejected application or recommendation can a Review Board authorize a post-service medal to a discharged veteran. That medal is the Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal.

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No serviceperson can recommend themself now or any time in the past for the PH or any other medal. If the recipient was the most senior ranking person on the scene the awarding officer must ascertain confirmation from all other personnel regardless of their rank on the scene at the time of occurrence.

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Neither is the PH recipient due a display certificate. Display certificates issued to active duty personnel occurs only when the local command possesses certificates to issue. Prior to the government was not required to issue a full-sized medal. The only military display certificate required by Congress for mandatory issue is Medal of Honor. For info on the PH replacement recognition, see this page: The only service branch that maintains a "tape" of its PH recipients is the Marine Corps due to the small size of the Corps.

However, Marine Corps 'tapes' of PH recipients is neither required by Congress to be publicly accessible nor utilizable to confirm authorization or award eligibility. Marine Corps 'tapes' are used solely for internal audit purposes. Military medals are issued only one time.

If a PH medal was never issued ONLY the recipient or a direct family member [if the recipient is infirm or deceased] may apply for a first-time issue. Replacement medals can by purchased from any military medal retailer. The only metallic entity manufactured by the United States government for public distribution are currency coins. Military medals, like military weapons and other military equipment, are manufactured by private industry.

Description of the Purple Heart including award criteria and image for referencing.

See the above reference for information on the 'officiality' of U. Military medals and information from veteran's military files can legally be requested only from the following individuals that are related to active military personnel this includes Reservists and Guardspeople and veterans: However, under the Freedom of Information Act other relatives are not completely excluded from applying for information if there are no other living relatives in the above-listed category parents, siblings, children.

My Representative or Senator can get me the medal or record information I want House of Representatives and Senators should not be asked to assist in obtaining record information or medals unless their assistance is absolutely necessary in cases of disputes, irregularity, discrimination, or lack of response from the Records Center which very rarely occurs. Although the Records Center in St. Louis MO is perpetually inundated with an overload of requests for medals or information, the Military Records Center has a long history of excellent responsiveness in fulfilling requests just as quickly as its limited budget and manpower availability [during wartime] permits.

Although some elected officials may offer themselves as advocates for record or medal retrieval during re-election seasons, authorized information or medal applicants can apply themselves using form SF House of Representatives and Senators are best utilized for issues that cannot be accomplished after all other efforts have failed.

Although many Local, State and Federal agencies do provide bonus job application "points" to employment applicants. There is no federal law requiring private employers to give hiring preference to PH recipients. This typically entailed a general entering a hospital with a box of Purple Hearts, pinning them on the pillows of wounded service members, then departing with no official records kept of the visit, or the award of the Purple Heart.

Service members, themselves, complicated matters by unofficially leaving hospitals, hastily returning to their units to rejoin battle so as to not appear a malingerer. In such cases, even if a service member had received actual wounds in combat, both the award of the Purple Heart, as well as the entire visit to the hospital, was unrecorded in official records. Service members requesting retroactive awards of the Purple Heart must normally apply through the National Personnel Records Center.

Following a review of service records, qualified Army members are awarded the Purple Heart by the U. Because the Purple Heart did not exist prior to , decoration records are not annotated in the service histories of veterans wounded, or killed, by enemy action, prior to establishment of the medal. The Purple Heart is, however, retroactive to meaning it may be presented to veterans as far back as First World War. Prior to , service departments would review all available records, including older service records, and service histories, to determine if a veteran warranted a retroactive Purple Heart.

As of , such records are listed as "Archival", by the National Archives and Records Administration, meaning they have been transferred from the custody of the military, and can no longer be loaned and transferred for retroactive medals determination. In such cases, requestors asking for a Purple Heart especially from records of the First World War are provided with a complete copy of all available records or reconstructed records in the case of the fire and advised the Purple Heart may be privately purchased if the requestor feels it is warranted.

A clause to the archival procedures was revised in mid, where if a veteran, or, if deceased, an immediate member of the family, requested the Purple Heart, on an Army or Air Force record, the medal could still be granted by the National Archives. In such cases, where a determination was required made by the military service department, photocopies of the archival record, but not the record itself , would be forwarded to the headquarters of the military branch in question.

This stipulation was granted only for the Air Force and Army; Marine Corps, Navy, and Coast Guard archival medals requests are still typically only offered a copy of the file and told to purchase the medal privately. For requests directly received from veterans, these are routed through a Navy Liaison Office, on site at Page Avenue, St. Due to the National Archives Fire , a large number of retroactive Purple Heart requests are difficult to verify because all records to substantiate the award may have been destroyed. As a solution to deal with Purple Heart requests, where service records were destroyed in the fire, the National Personnel Records Center maintains a separate office.

If a Purple Heart is warranted, all available alternate records sources are forwarded to the military service department for final determination of issuance. The loaning of fire related records to the military has declined since because a large number of such records now fall into the "archival records" category of military service records. This means the records were transferred from the military to the National Archives, and in such cases, the Purple Heart may be privately purchased by the requestor see above section of retroactive requests for further details but is no longer provided by the military service department.

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