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He had a singles in popular culture. In order to view this website you need to update your internet browser. Abu Sharif also declared: Aldo Moro was a great man, a true patriot, who wanted to save Italy some headaches, but I never met him.

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We discussed the details with an admiral and agents of the Italian secret service. The agreement was defined and since then we have always respected it; we were allowed to organize small transits, passages, purely Palestinian operations, without involving Italians.

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After the deal, every time I came to Rome, two cars were waiting for me to protect myself. For our part, we also guaranteed to avoid embarrassment to your country, that is attacks which started directly from the Italian soil. Moro also had to cope with the difficult situation which erupted following the coup of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya , a very important country for Italian interests not only for colonial ties, but also for its energy resources and the presence of about 20 thousand Italians. In the presidential election , after the fall of Fanfani's candidacy, the DC left-wing proposed Moro as new President; however the moderate conservative Christian Democrats Giovanni Leone narrowly won the election.

From to , he re-gained the post of Prime Minister, and concluded the Osimo Treaty with Yugoslavia , defining the official partition of the Free Territory of Trieste. A law of 9 June increased the number of eligible occupational diseases and extended the duration of benefits. A law of 3 June introduced various benefit improvements for pensioners. A law of 27 December introduced ad hoc upgrading of cash benefits for certain diseases and of all flat-rate allowances.

A law of 14 July extended family allowances to self-employed farmers, sharecroppers, and tenant farmers. On 29 April , pension linkage to the industrial wage was extended to civil servants. Moro was considered a very tenacious mediator, particularly skilled in coordinating the different internal trends of DC. At the beginning of the s, Moro was one of the most convinced supporters of an alliance between the DC and the Italian Socialist Party, in order to widen the majority and integrate the socialists in the government system.

In the party congress in Naples , he was able to convince the whole party directive of the strategy. The same happened in , when he supported a "national solidarity" government with the backing of the Italian Communist Party. Moro's main aim was to widen the democratic base of the government: He thought of the DC as the fulcrum of a coalition system, on the principles of consociative democracy.

Moro faced big challenges, especially, the necessity to conciliate the Christian and popular mission of the Democrazia Cristiana with the rising laicist and liberal values of the Italian society in the s, and the necessity to integrate new important social groups youth, women, workers in the democratic system. DC's mission, in Moro's vision, was intended to recover the popular class that supported Fascism and ferry them in the democratic system.

The contradiction of Moro's political stance was in trying to reconcile the extreme mobility of social transformations with the continuity of the institutions of representative democracy, and the integration of the masses in the State, without falling into autocracy. Moro's idea was openly criticised, as such an " Historic Compromise " would have involved an Italian Communist Party which was still under direct influence from Moscow. Berlinguer openly defused the proposition. In —, Berlinguer's Italian Communist Party broke with Moscow, and convened with the Spanish and French parties to draw the lines of Eurocommunism.

Such a move made an eventual collaboration more acceptable for DC voters, and the two parties began an intense parliamentary debate, in a moment of deep social crises. In , Moro was personally involved in international disputes. He strongly defended Mariano Rumor during the parliamentary debate on the Lockheed scandal , and some in the press reported that he might have been "Antelope Cobbler", an alleged bribe recipient.

The accusation, aimed at politically destroying Moro and avoiding the risk of a " Historic Compromise " cabinet, failed when Moro was cleared on 3 March , 13 days before his kidnapping. The early proposition by Moro of a Christian Democracy-Italian Socialist Party cabinet supported also by the Italian Communist Party was strongly opposed by both super-powers.

The United States feared that the collaboration of an Italian government with the Communists might have allowed these later to gain information on strategic NATO military plans and installations, and pass them to Soviet agents. Moreover, the participation in government of the Communists in a Western country would have represented a cultural failure for the USA. The Soviets considered potential participation by the Italian Communist Party in a cabinet a form of emancipation from Moscow and rapprochement to the Americans, therefore also opposing it.

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Brigate Rosse blocked the two-car convoy transporting Moro and kidnapped him, murdering his five bodyguards. At the time, all of the founding members of the Red Brigades were in jail; therefore, the organisation led by Mario Moretti that kidnapped Moro is said to be the "Second Red Brigades".

On the day of his kidnapping, Moro was on his way to a session of the Chamber of Deputies, where a discussion was to take place regarding a vote of confidence for a new government led by Giulio Andreotti DC that would have, for the first time, the support of the Communist Party. It was to be the first implementation of Moro's strategic political vision as defined by the Compromesso storico historic compromise.

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In the following days, trade unions called for a general strike , while security forces made hundreds of raids in Rome, Milan, Turin, and other cities searching for Moro's location. Held for two months, he was allowed to send letters to his family and politicians. The government refused to negotiate, despite demands by family, friends and Pope Paul VI. During the investigation of Moro's kidnapping, General Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa reportedly responded to a member of the security services who suggested torturing a suspected brigatista , "Italy can survive the loss of Aldo Moro.

It would not survive the introduction of torture. Then they sent demands to the Italian authorities, stating that unless 16 Red Brigades prisoners were released, Moro would be killed. The Italian authorities responded with a large-scale manhunt. The Red Brigades proposed to exchange Moro's life for the freedom of several prisoners. There has been speculation that during his detention many knew where he was in an apartment in Rome.

When Moro was abducted, the government immediately took a hard line position: Some contrasted this with the kidnapping of Ciro Cirillo in , a minor political figure for whom the government negotiated. However, Cirillo was released for a monetary ransom, rather than the release of the imprisoned extremists.

Some of those letters, at times very critical of Andreotti, were kept secret for more than a decade, and published only in the early s. In his letters, Moro said that the state's primary objective should be saving lives, and that the government should comply with his kidnappers' demands. Most of the Christian Democrat leaders argued that the letters did not express Moro's genuine wishes, claiming they were written under duress, and thus refused all negotiation.

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This was in stark contrast to the requests of Moro's family. In his appeal to the terrorists, Pope Paul asked them to release Moro "without conditions". When the Red Brigades decided to murder Moro, they placed him in a car and told him to cover himself with a blanket saying that they were going to transport him to another location. After Moro was covered they shot him ten times. According to the official reconstruction after a series of trials, the killer was Mario Moretti.

Ferrari Bravo, Franco Piperno and others. Pietro Calogero, an attorney close to the Italian Communist Party, accused the Autonomia group of masterminding left-wing terrorism in Italy. Negri was charged with a number of offences including leadership of the Red Brigades, being behind Moro's kidnapping and murder, and plotting to overthrow the government. A year later, he was found innocent of Moro's murder. In , Alexander Stille accused Negri of bearing moral but not legal responsibility for the crimes. In , Sergio Flamigni , a leftist politician and writer, who had served on a parliamentary inquiry on the Moro case, suggested the involvement of the Operation Gladio network directed by NATO.

He asserted that Gladio had manipulated Moretti as a way to take over the Red Brigades in order to effect a strategy of tension aimed at creating popular demand for a new, right-wing law-and-order regime. In the interview, Pieczenik, an expert on international terrorism and negotiating strategies who had been brought to Italy as a consultant to Interior Minister Francesco Cossiga 's Crisis Committee, stated that: Pieczenik maintained that the U.

This was intended to communicate to the kidnappers that further negotiations would be useless, since the government had written Moro off. According to media reports on 26 September , the Holy See has received a file on beatification for Moro.

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Nicola Giampaolo serves as the postulator for the cause.